Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bathroom is steamed!

Well, I did want the bathroom painted, but I gave up on it ever happening.  Our apartment manager is a very nice person, but pretty worthless when it comes to getting stuff done...unless it's the kind of repair you could withold rent over, of course.  I'll probably end up painting myself, but I don't have the time right now.  And really, I'd have to take everything down to paint anyway, no matter what the decor.  I finished the last of my steampunk inspired decorations last weekend, so I thought what the heck...might as well put it up. 

So, here's a couple before pics:

Yeah, obviously the theme is butterflies.  So, now the after:

The top part is a shower curtain I bought, and then I added the brown panel to the bottom.  There are two different kinds of shower curtain rings.  The spheres I left alone, but I added to the other ones.  All the adornments on the curtain were made by me, and are actually pins, so I can take them off easily for washing.

This picture goes with the color scheme, but I wanted some actual steampunk art.  And I found some on Etsy...but I just ordered it.

I realized I should have made a steampunk ring holder.  Maybe later.  And yes, the light switch cover is also decorated.  And I've already figured out I put some sharp stuff in an unfortunate place.  I'm trying to think how to fix that.

I even found a way to disguise the light that is completely removable.  :)

Yes, this is a vase of steampunk flowers.  I just wanted to see if I could make some.  Of course, I'm seeing how long it takes the cats to trash them.

So that's my bathroom!  The color scheme is a bit darker than I'm used to, but I like it.  And I can always change back to butterflies or my other theme, giraffes if I get tired of this.  Or if the cats trash everything...and I'm sure they're thinking of it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craft Craft Crafting Away

Another weekend gone!  I had some of my stitching friends over Saturday, and I started Nora Corbett's Thanksgiving Fairy, but alas, we spent more time talking and eating than stitching.  So very little is done on that project.  Sunday however, I decided to do some crafting.  I used to belong to both Creative Woman and Creative Christmas kit of the month clubs, and I have a pretty impressive amount of kits in my closet that need to be done.  Every so often the mood hits me to pull 2 or 3 out and go into a crafting frenzy.  I managed to get one project completely finished on Sunday and the other I had to work on last night and a little today to finish it.   

The first is an angel tree topper:
The second is a memory board:
I may give the board to my niece.  I think she'd like it.

I also have a HD from last week.  This is a freebie from the SanMan board.

Now I can get back to the replacement round robin I'm supposed to be working on.  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More weekend projects

I saw a post on the Sanman board yesterday about fabric painting.  It sounded pretty easy, and I had everything needed, so I thought what the heck?  So, here's the results:

 Here they are, hanging up to dry.  The yellow, purple, and orange are dyed with acrylic paint.  The brown fabric is tea-dyed.

Here they are, dry and set by ironing.  With Penny keeping watch.  I think I like the purple best, although the orange isn't bad.  The yellow was too just looks one color, not hand dyed.  The tea dyed ones look better dry...I had thought they were too uniform too, so I pressed the tea bags against them in spots.  I couldn't tell if it worked when they were wet, but they look hand dyed, so yay.

One other project this weekend was this:
I took a bunch of stuffed pumpkins that I found at thrift stores or I just had (except the buttoned one...that came from Home Goods), cut off the stems and leaves, if necessary, and hot glued them together to make a stack o' pumpkins.  :-)  You can also see some of my vast giraffe collection.  Yes, that is a giraffe Easter basket full of smaller giraffes.  :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's October!

So, October is here.  And it's time to post some goals.  I'm a bit behind, because I was at my mom's for the weekend.  First, last month's goals:

September goals:Stitch Sanman September Jar--done!
Do some sewing--got my shower curtain done!
Work on bathroom stuff--Yes, but still have more to do.
Finish Halloween/fall exchange pieces into ornaments--done!
Frame at least two things--Not really...I fixed a couple of framed pieces though.
Work on some Halloween cross stitches--Yes!

Not too bad.  So onto this month's goals:

October goals:
Stitch Sanman October Jar
Work on UFO RR replacement
Stitch Sanman Halloween Sampler
Finish Halloween ornaments for tree
Finish the two amigurumis that are started and start third one
Work on bathroom stuff

There, that's enough.  I'd try to finish the bathroom this month, but I'm having a heck of a time getting my bathroom painted.  I'll probably end up doing it myself.

Also, here's a couple of happy dances from last week that didn't get posted before I went out of town.

September Jar by Sanman Originals

If the Broom Fits by Lizzie Kate

Next post will be some pics of my new WIPs.  :)