Monday, October 4, 2010

It's October!

So, October is here.  And it's time to post some goals.  I'm a bit behind, because I was at my mom's for the weekend.  First, last month's goals:

September goals:Stitch Sanman September Jar--done!
Do some sewing--got my shower curtain done!
Work on bathroom stuff--Yes, but still have more to do.
Finish Halloween/fall exchange pieces into ornaments--done!
Frame at least two things--Not really...I fixed a couple of framed pieces though.
Work on some Halloween cross stitches--Yes!

Not too bad.  So onto this month's goals:

October goals:
Stitch Sanman October Jar
Work on UFO RR replacement
Stitch Sanman Halloween Sampler
Finish Halloween ornaments for tree
Finish the two amigurumis that are started and start third one
Work on bathroom stuff

There, that's enough.  I'd try to finish the bathroom this month, but I'm having a heck of a time getting my bathroom painted.  I'll probably end up doing it myself.

Also, here's a couple of happy dances from last week that didn't get posted before I went out of town.

September Jar by Sanman Originals

If the Broom Fits by Lizzie Kate

Next post will be some pics of my new WIPs.  :)

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