Sunday, October 10, 2010

More weekend projects

I saw a post on the Sanman board yesterday about fabric painting.  It sounded pretty easy, and I had everything needed, so I thought what the heck?  So, here's the results:

 Here they are, hanging up to dry.  The yellow, purple, and orange are dyed with acrylic paint.  The brown fabric is tea-dyed.

Here they are, dry and set by ironing.  With Penny keeping watch.  I think I like the purple best, although the orange isn't bad.  The yellow was too just looks one color, not hand dyed.  The tea dyed ones look better dry...I had thought they were too uniform too, so I pressed the tea bags against them in spots.  I couldn't tell if it worked when they were wet, but they look hand dyed, so yay.

One other project this weekend was this:
I took a bunch of stuffed pumpkins that I found at thrift stores or I just had (except the buttoned one...that came from Home Goods), cut off the stems and leaves, if necessary, and hot glued them together to make a stack o' pumpkins.  :-)  You can also see some of my vast giraffe collection.  Yes, that is a giraffe Easter basket full of smaller giraffes.  :-)

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