Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craft Craft Crafting Away

Another weekend gone!  I had some of my stitching friends over Saturday, and I started Nora Corbett's Thanksgiving Fairy, but alas, we spent more time talking and eating than stitching.  So very little is done on that project.  Sunday however, I decided to do some crafting.  I used to belong to both Creative Woman and Creative Christmas kit of the month clubs, and I have a pretty impressive amount of kits in my closet that need to be done.  Every so often the mood hits me to pull 2 or 3 out and go into a crafting frenzy.  I managed to get one project completely finished on Sunday and the other I had to work on last night and a little today to finish it.   

The first is an angel tree topper:
The second is a memory board:
I may give the board to my niece.  I think she'd like it.

I also have a HD from last week.  This is a freebie from the SanMan board.

Now I can get back to the replacement round robin I'm supposed to be working on.  :)

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