Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine-themed weekend

Despite not feeling the greatest, I had one of the most productive weekends ever!  I stopped by the post office on Friday and picked up some Valentine designs I ordered from the Sanman January newsletter.  I kitted all three designs up that afternoon and had two of them stitched and the other started before bedtime.  I even pulled out an old Valentine ornament that I hadn't quite finished and got that done too!  And then on Saturday, I did the finishing for the three stitched pieces, framed my Mirabilia Valentine fairy, and finished stitching the last of the Sanman designs.  And then on Sunday, I "finished" the last design (just had to cut it down and slide it into a tuck) and put all my Valentine decorations up.  So yeah, very productive.  :)

And now pictures!

This is Sanman's 2011 Valentine charmer which came with the pillow and charm.

Sanman's Pretty Pintin.  I'm actually using it as a decoration instead of holding my pins.

Sanman's Quaker Valentine which came with the gorgeous tuck!

Dragon Dreams Mystery Valentine Dragon.  This was a contest last year, where the designer gave us the chart and we had to pick colors.  I ended up missing the deadline, so it sat mostly stitched all year until I picked it up Friday night and finished it off.

My Valentine's decorations!  Yes, I like giraffes. 

And finally, my framed Valentine fairy.  That pretty mat came with the frame and she fits perfectly!

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