Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I meant to post once more before the holidays, but it just didn't happen.  Ah well.  So, I guess I'll just start fresh with the new year.  This year, I have a lot of projects in mind.  I need to work on my steampunk costume.  I want to do more sewing this year, not just on costumes, but I have some quilting projects I want to work on.  In fact, I'd like to try to do at least a little sewing every weekend that I'm home.  On the cross stitch front, I want to pull out my three Teresa Wentzlers that have been in progress far too long (Peacock Tapestry, Dragon Ride, and Egyptian Sampler) and work on them.  I'd like to finish five old projects this year.  I'd love it if one of them was one of the TWs, but we'll see.  I may or may not be able to get really into them.  I'd just settle for progress.  I also need to crochet a bit more.  I have so many amigurumi patterns!  And oh yeah, there's also the Mirabilia project where I want 12 Mirabilias to rotate monthly on one wall.  I did get the last of the patterns, so now it's just a matter of stitching them.  I'd like to finish at least two this year.  Well, that's enough to keep me busy, I think!

So now to pictures.  First, the last HDs of 2010. 
The last Sanman jar!  Now, I have to decide how I want to finish these.

Another Sanman....Quaker Winter.  I hope Sandy keeps designing these, I love them!  I plan on finishing this as a no sew cube (well, rectangle). 

And I even have a HD of 2011!  I had this mostly done, and since it's for winter, I just sat Sunday night and finished it.
This is a Mill Hill kit done on perforated paper.  I stuck a magnet on the back, and now it's on the fridge.

So, I posted my yearly goals earlier, but here are my monthly goals:

January goals:
Finish Sanman's No Tip Toes Needed
Work on a TW
Make a quilt square
Work on costume
Start a new Mirabilia
Make crochet "baby" for Melanie
Do some finishing

Happy 2011 everyone!

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  1. Wow you sound like you have your whole year figured out.