Sunday, January 9, 2011

More goals!

Well, I decided with all the stitching I want to do this year, I should try a stitching schedule.  I may not stick to it long, but I'll try for a while.  So, my schedule:

Monday-Mirabilia (have 2 in progress, want to start 1 more)
Tuesday-TW (any one of 5 in progress...forgot a couple earlier)
Wednesday-WIP (old or new)
Thursday-TW (same as Tuesday or a different one)
Friday and Saturday-Free choice
Sunday-Old WIP (at least 2 years old)

I left Friday and Saturday open, because I go to my mom's a lot of weekends, and I don't always get to stitch there.  It also leaves a lot of flexability, which may help me keep to this schedule.  I was good this week.  I started Tuesday, with Peacock Tapestry, where I just kitted up grass colors and threaded needles.  Wednesday, I pulled out a SanMan Christmas design from 2007.  Thursday was back to PT, and I actually stitched a bit.  Friday and Saturday, I worked on Mike Vickery's Celtic Seasons, another pretty old WIP. 

I've already accomplished some of my monthly goals.  I finished No Tip Toes Needed by Sanman Originals.

Naturally, I had to stitch this, it's a giraffe.

I also did some finishing, by making a no sew cube of Sanman's Winter Quaker.

This is my first no sew cube.  I didn't quite have the right kind of ribbon for the sides (mine is see through and it should be solid so you can't see where the fabric is folded), but it's just for me.  You can't see it, but the thinner ribbon for the bow has "Let it snow" printed on it.  :) 

And finally, I did get some sewing done this weekend.  Someone posted a link to a free pattern to make chicken pincushions, and I couldn't resist trying.  And it was so easy!  Even for me!

I'm keeping the all blue one, and my mom wants the black and white/ladybug one.  The other two I'll probably give away eventually.

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  1. Hi Shannon! I'm also working on PT. Just started around the New Year. Maybe we should have a SAL sometime.