Saturday, September 25, 2010

My favorite time of the year!

Amazingly, I held off until this weekend to put up Halloween stuff.  But it's up now, and I took pics before the cats destroy it all. 

The tree!  And it has even more ornaments on it this year.  As you can see, Penny is already plotting its downfall.

A close up.  The ghost at the top is a glass ornament from Pier 1.  I worry about that one.

The entertainment center!  With some new finds this year from Home Goods and garage sales.  :)

I even decorated the top of the DVD shelves this year.

A new find from Home Goods.  And I love it!  I do have a cross stitch pattern for a Halloween countdown calender, but it's not even kitted up, much less started.

The dining room and kitchen!

The fridge!  The pirate magnet is new.

Some more of my living room and the hall.  Not Halloween, but I just got that corner shelf at a thrift store for $10.  :)

Even the cats got into the spirit of Halloween.  Well, kind of.

And finally, a HD!  I finished the San Man Original ornament from this year's Halloween issue of JCS.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some finishes

Wow, the weekend kind of flashed by there.  But I did accomplish my one goal, to finish up some ornaments for exchanges.  As a bonus, I even did a bit of organizining my bedroom and spare room, so at least my apartment looks a little better.  :)  And tomorrow I am off to Alabama for work, whee.  So, before I leave, a picture of my finished ornaments.

Oh yeah, I also crocheted a little trilobyte amigurumi at work on Thursday:

I got the pattern on, and it was pretty easy and very quick.  I might try another in a really cool/weird yarn that I have in my stash.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I spent the past weekend at my mom's, so I didn't get to work on any of my projects.  I didn't even get to stitch!  But this weekend is all mine.  :-) 

I do have a new stitching project though.  I had started to stitch it, but changed my mind on how I wanted to finish it, so I started it over. 

This is what it'll look like.  I decided I want to finish it just like the original project, so I can use it for my Renaissance and steampunk costumes.  But my first start didn't have enough fabric.  So I found some more fabric and started again.

I am changing the colors though.  Here is my WIP so far:

The fabric is light gray, with dark gray and black silk.  The inner most stitches will be a metallic (pewter), and the leaves will be 3 colors of teal silk.  I've already found a gorgeous pewter key charm to hang from the cord too.  :)  Now, I just need to get it done before the Steam Expo next May.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, I spent my holiday in a creative frenzy.  I did go out shopping a little, to thrift stores mostly, but the rest of the weekend was spent working on my bathroom accessories.  I got my shower curtain sewn (yay!), and got a lot of little accents made.  There's still a lot to do though.  No pictures yet...wait until I'm done! 

Today was a good day mailwise...I got the JCS ornament issue and my Herrschner's order!  I think I liked last year's ornament issue better.  There's a few I like but not many.  Ah well.  The stuff from Herrschner's is latch hook kits, one Halloween and one autumn.  I plan on starting the Halloween one tonight.

As for other current projects, I worked a bit on A SamSarah Studios design called Witch's Hat last week and then I stitched a San Man Orginal ornament called Paisley Pumpkin.

  I got this in a grab bag from the came with a tuck as well for finishing.  I should probably start the September jar this week as well...maybe I'll take it to my mom's this weekend as it's a nice portable project. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September goals and a HD!

It's September already?  Although I am ready to be done with the heat!  And of course, that means Halloween is getting closer!  And I love decorating for Halloween and fall in general.  I'm already itching to put out my pumpkin collection.  I'll try to resist for a couple more weeks.  *l* 

So, I plan to post my monthly goals and how well I followed them.  I used to do that on a needlwork board, but I let it slip.  But I'll try to be good. 

September goals:
Stitch Sanman September Jar
Do some sewing (definitely working on my new shower cutain, maybe some quilting or costuming)
Work on bathroom stuff
Finish Halloween/fall exchange pieces into ornaments
Frame at least two things
Work on some Halloween cross stitches

There.  That should keep me busy.  I plan on spending my Labor Day weekend working on my shower curtain and other bathroom stuff.  I talked to the apartment manager today and tentatively scheduled to have my bathroom repainted (it needs it badly!).  Let's see if it happens.  I've scheduled stuff before and some "emergency" always seems to happen.

And now on to my happy dance.  I finished Tiger Lily!  She looks so elegant with the beads...they really make the piece, I think.

Well, now I have to go decide what to work on next.  :)