Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September goals and a HD!

It's September already?  Although I am ready to be done with the heat!  And of course, that means Halloween is getting closer!  And I love decorating for Halloween and fall in general.  I'm already itching to put out my pumpkin collection.  I'll try to resist for a couple more weeks.  *l* 

So, I plan to post my monthly goals and how well I followed them.  I used to do that on a needlwork board, but I let it slip.  But I'll try to be good. 

September goals:
Stitch Sanman September Jar
Do some sewing (definitely working on my new shower cutain, maybe some quilting or costuming)
Work on bathroom stuff
Finish Halloween/fall exchange pieces into ornaments
Frame at least two things
Work on some Halloween cross stitches

There.  That should keep me busy.  I plan on spending my Labor Day weekend working on my shower curtain and other bathroom stuff.  I talked to the apartment manager today and tentatively scheduled to have my bathroom repainted (it needs it badly!).  Let's see if it happens.  I've scheduled stuff before and some "emergency" always seems to happen.

And now on to my happy dance.  I finished Tiger Lily!  She looks so elegant with the beads...they really make the piece, I think.

Well, now I have to go decide what to work on next.  :)

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