Friday, August 27, 2010

Current projects and recent finishes

All my recent finishes are ornaments.  First up are some I did for upcoming exchanges.

The first is by Elizabeth's Designs, it was in the 2009 Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch.  The one on the right is by Val's Stuff.  She has such cute designs, especially for Halloween.

I also recently finished the August ornament of a 12 part series.  Here's what I have so far:

These are designed by Sandy Dering of San Man Originals and they were offered as freebies last year.  Sandy has an awesome message board and offers tons of free designs.  :)

I've also been framing.  I decided it was ridiculous to have a box of unframed needlework and a box of frames in the same apartment.  So I inventoried both and matched up everything I could.  So far, I have two done.

Both are by Nora Corbett.  Sunflower Fairy is hanging up now, while Donner is waiting for the holidays.  I have decided that the wall where Sunflower Fairy is hanging up is going to be my Mirabilia wall.  Eventually, I'd like to have 12 different Miras and change them monthly.  So far I have four:  Sunflower Fairy   (September), Donner (December), Valentine Fairy (February), and Halloween Fairy (October).  I've also got Tiger Lily and Bluebell in the works, they'll probably be August and May.  And I have Morning Glory kitted, she may be June.  I'm still thinking about the other 5 months. 

And now for current projects.  Well, I have lots.  Too many to even list really.  So, I'll go on what I've worked on in the last week as being "current".  Which is three things:  a Halloween ornament (the San Man ornie from the 2010 Halloween issue of JCS), a crocheted amigurumi, and Mira's Tiger Lily, which is sooooo close to being done!

  I plan on working on her this weekend, but probably won't finish, especially since I'm spending Sunday at the Renaissance Faire.  :)

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