Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, I spent my holiday in a creative frenzy.  I did go out shopping a little, to thrift stores mostly, but the rest of the weekend was spent working on my bathroom accessories.  I got my shower curtain sewn (yay!), and got a lot of little accents made.  There's still a lot to do though.  No pictures yet...wait until I'm done! 

Today was a good day mailwise...I got the JCS ornament issue and my Herrschner's order!  I think I liked last year's ornament issue better.  There's a few I like but not many.  Ah well.  The stuff from Herrschner's is latch hook kits, one Halloween and one autumn.  I plan on starting the Halloween one tonight.

As for other current projects, I worked a bit on A SamSarah Studios design called Witch's Hat last week and then I stitched a San Man Orginal ornament called Paisley Pumpkin.

  I got this in a grab bag from the designer...it came with a tuck as well for finishing.  I should probably start the September jar this week as well...maybe I'll take it to my mom's this weekend as it's a nice portable project. 

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