Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I spent the past weekend at my mom's, so I didn't get to work on any of my projects.  I didn't even get to stitch!  But this weekend is all mine.  :-) 

I do have a new stitching project though.  I had started to stitch it, but changed my mind on how I wanted to finish it, so I started it over. 

This is what it'll look like.  I decided I want to finish it just like the original project, so I can use it for my Renaissance and steampunk costumes.  But my first start didn't have enough fabric.  So I found some more fabric and started again.

I am changing the colors though.  Here is my WIP so far:

The fabric is light gray, with dark gray and black silk.  The inner most stitches will be a metallic (pewter), and the leaves will be 3 colors of teal silk.  I've already found a gorgeous pewter key charm to hang from the cord too.  :)  Now, I just need to get it done before the Steam Expo next May.

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