Sunday, January 15, 2012

WIPocalyspe update and crazy January week 2

So, first updating for the WIPocalypse.  As part of my crazy January challenge, I've worked on several WIPs.

First off, is Mirabilia's Sweet Pea.  She is so very close to being done!  I hope I'll be doing a happy dance on the next update!

Next, is Lizzie Kate's Plant Love.  It's only technically a WIP, because I started it before Christmas. 

Another Mirabilia, New Year's Fairy.  Not so much done on her.

The Miras are part of my goal to have one for every month for a particular spot on my wall.  So far, I have 5 done.  This one will be the January Mira obviously.  Sweet Pea will be for July.

Phoenix by Joan Elliott.  This one is also pretty close to being done.

Winter Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.  I was speeding right along with this one until I hit that over one section.  But I'm plugging away at it.  I have Spring Sampler kitted up and ready to go when I get this done.  :)

Ah, the Dragon Dreams Virtues afghan.  This got started as a round robin actually.  I did one square (peace) and the other two (and a half) were done by friends.  This only got pulled out due to interest on the SanMan board to do a afghan SAL.  I worked a bit on the half done square, discovered more than a few "issues", and then started a new square.

Last, but not least, the baby sampler I'm doing for some very good friends.  The baby's due next month, so I have to get going!  The nursery has a woodland theme, heavy on the owls, so I used a couple different designers to put this together.

So, that's all the WIPs.  Now for the crazy January week 2 update.  Mostly WIPs this week.

Day 8:  Started Little Witches needlebook by Fern Ridge designs.  I just got the outline done and the moon stitched.

Day 9:  Worked on New Year's Fairy by Mirabilia.  See pic above.

Day 10:  Worked on Phoenix by Joan Elliott.  See the pic above.

Day 11:  Worked on Dragon Dreams afghan and started a new square.  The pic above was a "before" pic.

Day 12:  Worked on baby sampler.  See pic above.  I counted over to start one of the owls, but now I'm wondering if I should have left more room for the baby's name.  The parents won't tell me until after the baby's born.  I just know how many letters.

Day 13.  Started tiny pumpkin Etui by Praiseworthy Stitches.  This is actually 3 pieces, a pincushion, a needlebook and a scissors fob.  This is one panel of the pincushion.

Day 14:  Worked on Winter Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.  See pic above.  I decided to remove Earth Goddess from my list and put another WIP on it.  I'll start the goddesses only when I finish Phoenix.

Day 15:  Starting Magnolia by Mirabilia.  And I should probably get off the computer and get on that.  :) 


  1. You HAVE been busy. I like the idea of a monthly Mirabella they are all so pretty. It is going to be fun watching all those projects progress.