Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy January Challenge-week 1

So far, I've worked on one project a day.  Five were new, two were WIPs.  So much for concentrating more on WIPs!  *lol*  

Jan. 1  Started The Biggest Stash by Janis Lockhart (magazine pattern).  Since it doesn't look like anything but a greenish blob at the moment, I won't post a pic.

Jan. 2  Worked on Sweet Pea (Mirabilia).  She's pretty much number one on my WIPocalypse list because she's almost done.  I finished the braid in her wings and backstitched her legs.

Jan. 3 Started Sewing Jars by SanMan Originals.  This is a beautiful vintage sewing machine with lots of sewing stuff.  Someday I'll have a sewing room to hang it in (not to mention my great grandmother's treadle sewing machine!).

Jan. 4  Started Jack O'Cat by Mill Hill.

Jan. 5 Started a crocheted Cookie Monster scarf for my niece.  The main part of the scarf is cookies with the two ends being Cookie Monster's head.  Ok, that sounds a bit creepy, but it really is cute. It's a free pattern found here. (Pic is on Ravelry).  I got four cookies done, but didn't take a pic, since they're just four brown circles.

Jan. 6 Worked on Plant Love by Lizzie Kate, technically a WIP, but I only started it right before Christmas.

Jan. 7 Started a monthly SAL from the SanMan board of a cupcake stand with monthly cupcakes.  This is from the Merry Member club that you pay to get into.  I started the cupcake stand and got it to the point where I can start the January cupcake. 

Well, that's my first week.  Today, I'll be starting my Little Witches needlebook, as it seems a bit complicated and thus needs a bit more time than I have on week nights.  I think I have to stitch the outline lots of counting.  *sigh* 

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