Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project list(s)

So, I'm back home to my stash, and have picked my projects!  I think.  This list may change!

Crazy January challenge (new):

Tiny Pumpkin Etui (Praiseworthy Stitches)
The Biggest Stash (Janis Lockhart)
Sewing Jars (SanMan Originals)
Little Witches needlebook (Fern Ridge Collection)
Jack O'Cat (Mill Hill)
Earth Goddess (Joan Elliott)
Cupcake Tree (SanMan Originals)
Magnolia (Nora Corbett)
Cookie Monster Scarf (crochet)

Crazy January challenge (WIP):

Plant Love (Lizzie Kate)
Sweet Pea (Nora Corbett)
New Year's Fairy (Nora Corbett)
Dragon Dreams afghan
Phoenix (Joan Elliott)
Baby Sampler (various designers)

WIPocalypse (feasible, maybe):

Bluebell (Nora Corbett)
Irish Toast (Cross My Heart)
Windows of my Heart (Victoria Sampler)
Winter Sampler (Teresa Wentzler)
Witch's Hat (SamSarah)
Good Karma (Blue Ribbon Designs)
Celtic Seasons (Mike Vickery)
A Day Without Stitching
Home is Where the cat is

WIPocalypse (in my wildest dreams):

Peacock Tapestry (Teresa Wentzler)
Tuscany Town Mandela (Chatelaine)

Hmm...if only I didn't have to work.... *lol*

So, it's January 1st, and time to start the first crazy January challenge project.  I decided new year means new project, so I'm starting with The Biggest Stash.  It seemed appropriate.  *lol*

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