Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue Moon WIPocalypse update

I'm a bit late again, because I'm on vacation.  :)  But it ends tomorrow, sadly.  Still, it was so nice to have some time away from work.

So, the main triumph this month was finishing Phoenix, which I got done during the Olympic "sprint".  I posted it then, but I'll post it again.

I tried to sprint on Sewing Jars, and I did get the cross stitch done!  But the 15 (!) colors of backstitch bogged me down.  But it's coming along slowly.

I also worked on a couple of my crazy January projects, Tiny Pumpkin Etui and Winter Sampler.

These are panels of a pincushion.  Two are done, and I started the third.

And Magnolia is also coming along slowly.

I have a couple of new starts, Pumpkin Sampler by Jeannette Douglas from the Halloween issue of JCS and a Halloween crochet project (spider garland).

I also got into a crafty mood and started some finishing, as well as a smaller version of the glass pumpkin I did last fall.

And that's it for another month!


  1. Great work, Shannon! You've been super busy and it all looks so pretty. :)

  2. wow these are very great one! i even can join the olympic stitching yet! lovely!