Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life's been crazy!

So, I am finally getting around to updating.  The last month and a half has been just insane.  I found out my job was getting eliminated, my gall bladder went bad and had to be taken out, and despite all that my mom and I still managed to take the tour to Italy that she had already paid for.  Italy was fantastic, the job and gall bladder situation not so much. 

So back to stitching!  I really didn't stitch at all on the Italy trip.  By the time we got back to the room at night, we were exhausted.  And I've had some trouble getting back into stitching since I've been back due to jetlag and something causing dizzy spells and lightheadedness.  Meh.  But I've been able to work on smaller projects.  And I even have a few small happy dances.

This is Wanda Witch by Shephard's Bush.  I got this as a kit from a grab bag.  I actually finished her before the gall bladder episode, but never posted her.

This is one of the projects I took to Italy, but never worked on.  I managed to get it finished once I got home.  It's by Lizzie Kate and stitched on fabric I dyed myself with acrylic paint.

This is another grab bag kit by Charland Designs and is intended to be finished as a scissors case.  I've finished all the cross stitch for the front and back sides, and now it just needs to be finished into the case. 

World Steam Expo is coming up very soon and I have so much still to do!  I have to finish my new skirt and figure out my accessories.  My character is a seamstress, and while I have great ideas for making a steampunk sewing box, actually doing it is a lot harder.  I really wish I had some mechanical talent!

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