Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peacocks, phoenixes, and feathers galore

I have another small HD...really small.  It's Just Nan's Keep a Little Secret, which is a tiny over one sampler that is finished into a needle keep and all contained in a cute little tin.  And since the theme was peacocks, of course I had to have it. 

I have also decided I have been doing waaaay too many ornaments, so I decided to concentrate on a big project for a while.  I picked up a few different WIPs until I decided on Joan Elliott's From the Ashes.

I've already made significant progress just in the last couple of days.  And I love the colors.  :)

And for a bit of crafting, I buckled down and made some Red Hat headbands my mom requested.  We seen some in a boutique that my mom really liked (but not in red hat colors), so I imitated them the best I could.

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  1. Your headbands are cute and the peacock tin is very pretty! I really like the JE too! The colors are great!