Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 2013 and first update

So, it's a new year of stitching!  First off, I decided not to do the Crazy January Challenge this year, as I didn't do too well with it last year (only 8/15 done).  Instead, I have a few goals (which probably won't get met either, ha ha!).

Goals for 2013:

Finish two Mirabilias--for my Mira of the month wall.  I have eight done and four more to go.  Magnolia is half done and Bluebell is in progress.  Ivy and Waterlily are just kitted.

Get at least 3 old WIPs done--I have a list and a half, and any three will do.  More if possible, of course.

Get all obligation stitching done--I'm stitching something for my niece's bday in March and I have a few ornaments I promised to make for friends.

Do something with the pile of finished stitching!--Framing/finishing, whatever.  No excuses this year.

And now for progress pics.

First of all, a couple happy dances, especially happy since they were on the "obligation" list.

I did allow myself some new starts.  First of all Minature Spring Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.

Shiver Me Timbers by Sue Ellis

I'll Make My Own Happy Ending by Dragon Dreams (for my niece)

Dragon Boo by Dragon Dreams and X's & Oh's

And now some WIPs.  First, Magnolia and Bluebell.

Butterfly Cushion by Joan Elliott

Windows of My Heart by Victoria Sampler

And oops, almost forgot, I started another set of birds last night after I finished the cockatiel seen in the first picture.  These will be budgies.

And I will finished off with a picture of my newly framed New Year Fairy who is naturally hanging up right now as my January Mira.  Please ignore the reflections.


  1. Your New Year Fairy looks wonderful! You have a lot of fun pieces in progress - I look forward to seeing their progress!

  2. Great list of projects, I like how you showed them to us. Really like your finish the frame looks great with it.

  3. Beautiful projects, I'm looking forward to see progress on all of them!