Sunday, June 3, 2012

June WIPocalypse update

Hey, I'm posting on time.  It's a miracle!  Lots of WIPs this time since I skipped them last month.

First, Phoenix by Joan Elliott is coming along.

Then there's my two SanMan designs, the cupcake stand and Sewing Jars.

Since New Year's Fairy is done, now I'm working on Magnolia.

I also worked a bit more on The Biggest Stash by Janis Lockheart.

Then I actually pulled out Teresa Wentzler's Dragon Ride, which hasn't seen the light of day in a very long time and stitched a bit on the wings.

Then I started something new, because obviously, this is a sickness.  *l*  This is Joan Elliott's new butterfly design found in a recent issue of the The World of Cross Stitching.  It is a gorgeous design!

I also did a few crafty things.  I made a couple of hats for a steampunk convention last weekend, although the seamstress hat with the pincushion proved to be too heavy.  :(  I also made a feather toy for the kitties since I had the feathers out.

And then I crocheted a little octopus for a friend.  This was a free design I got off the Crochet Pattern Directory, but unfortunately, the blog it came from doesn't seem to exist anymore.

And that's it for another month!


  1. Great job on your pieces. I really love the JE Phoenix. It's stunning! :)

  2. Oh. I really love that Phoenix.

  3. I love Joan's designs so I fully understand the addition, especially when you have such lovely hand dyed fabrics to use!

    I love the SanMan designs, I've done one of those as a Valentine's card and it was lovely to stitch. I must get some more!

    Well done, lovely stitching and I'm keen to watch your progress!

  4. Lots of great stitching! cute hats